• A Digital Signage system that allow standalone or network distribution
  • Secured but user friendly software
  • Allow user to schedule their content
  • Low bandwidth required during transmission
  • Android 4.2 player with network and
  • USB capability
  • Freedom and flexibility in future expansion
  • Low setup and maintenance costing
  • High reliability and durable operation environment
JLD007 Quad core mainboard

This product adopt AML – S802–a new generation of Amlogic quad-core ARM core processor architecture (A9 and ARM MAIL – 450 graphics processor (GPU), integrated high-definition video engine and advanced security technology.Quad-core ARM architecture A9 CPU frequency 2 GHZ has 1 MB L2. High-performance mali450mp6 GPU, compatible with each big mainstream brand game 3 d UI, etc Full format 1080 p hd video decoding, including double 1080 PMVC decoding, DOLBY * DTS USES unique audio decoding and specialized video management media processor.