I-Exchange is a LCD and Plasma based Exchange Rate Board solution. Using the latest software and hardware, I-Exchange offers users with easy to use function and great graphical display. The display on I-Exchange includes, scrolling messages, scrolling pictures, flags for individual currencies, and exchange rates.

irates2Updating of scrolling messages, scrolling pictures, flags and exchange rates is a breeze with I-Exchange. Using our experience with clients in this industry, we have developed the simplest updating panel for users. No training is needed for the updating or rates and texts and auto startup and shut down is also possible upon request.

Using the settings panel, users can select to input their preferred text or they can choose to browse and insert their preferred images or company logo. Background color of the scrolling message box and the text can also be changed to suit the client’s preference. Changing of the exchange rates is a breeze with the users only needing to click on the individual rates they want to change and save the changes

I-Exchange complete solution comes in several size from 22″ to 50″ depending on customer’s requirements.