Finally, a home theater matrix distribution solution for HDMI® that can easily be “right-sized” to match any whole house requirements (practically any number of HDMI sources distributed to up to 100’s of displays). The HD over IP™ Transmitter/Receiver solution is skew free, and can support sending 1080p content up to 330′ on a single CAT5, and much farther (distances exceeding 1,000’s of feet are possible) when using cascaded Ethernet LAN switches to distribute the signal.

The 2G Just Add Power HD over IP devices are available in the same 4 form factors(Standard Transmitter, Convertible Rackmount 3X Transmitter, Standard Receiver, and PoE Receiver).

One of the primary goals of the 2G HD over IP solution was to significantly improve the video quality in comparison to the already popular and well received 1G solution. The objective is to deliver distributed HD video over the LAN that is visually identical to the source content. In order to achieve this visually lossless objective we were forced to move from a 100BT network architecture to a 1000BT platform. This 1000% increase in specified network speed gives us the necessary bandwidth to deliver a 1080p video signal. The end result is the ability to replicate stunning 1080p video that cannot be distinguished from the source content, allowing Custom Installers to satisfy the video quality demands of the most demanding clients.

All 4 of the 2G models have an unexpected bonus capability – RS232 control ports. So, in addition to being able to build an any-sized HDMI over IP matrix, these devices also will allow the custom installer to send/receive 2-way RS232 commands to any devices attached to the matrix. This includes the ability to control all of the attached displays using RS232 or via IR using a variety of readily available and easily supported RS232 to IR interfaces. The other surprise feature in the finished models shown here are the integrated mounting wings. Both of these bonus features (RS232 and integrated mounting wings) are targeted to the needs and demands of the CEDIA installer.

Another key aspect of the 2G HD over IP solution is the transition from a totally fixed IP address on the Receivers to an IP address that can be set in the field. This addressability enhancement eliminates the possibility of accidentally shipping a duplicate Receiver IP address to a customer, while at the same time keeping the original benefit of a fundamentally plug-n-play solution. Professional installers can now keep spare Receivers on the shelf with the confidence that they can be used to expand any new or existing 2G installation. Dealers wanting to take advantage of this feature (IP configuration) will need to purchase the InstallerPro utility.

The last significant difference between the 1G and 2G solution is the elimination of the scaler function in the HD over IP Receiver. While many customers have benefited from the scaler function in the 1G family, it has also been an occasional problem for some high end installations. This is due to a combination of factors such as undesirable EDID settings in some screens and double scaling. Furthermore, the scalers integrated into the high end monitors installed by professional installers often have a far superior range of features. The introductory 2G HD over IP Receivers will not provide any sort of scaling function at all. Instead, the original video signal that is connected to the 2G HD over IP Transmitter will be output at the source resolution. This change will make it necessary for the installer to ensure that the selected screens for a 2G HD over IP solution are able to support the video signal resolution settings of the distributed source devices.


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