NetQ Professional Controller is the brain of the system and it controls the other peripherals such as the Customer Display, the Ticket Machine and the Keypads. Within the Queue Controller sits the Queue Controller Operating Software that handles all the logics for the Queue System, collects the raw data and converting them into statistics and reports.

With a design concept of running the entire NetQ System on Windows Embedded Operating System, NetQ Controller develops its Centralized Control System using PC. This innovative design gives customer a flexibility and assurance the advantage of its Non-Proprietary hardware status.

This non-proprietary design is extremely important when it comes to system repair and maintenance purpose or OS reloading.

Main Features:

  • Able to integrate with advanced features like, SMS reminder, SMS Ticket, Large Screen Kiosk, Feedback Screen, WebMobile Ticket and others.
  • Multiple Department Settings where the department administrators can only access to their own settings and reports
  • Integration with 3rd party software
  • Customization is possible according to customer’s requirements.

Net Q Controller Software

The Controller Software is the basic operating software of NetQ System controlling the Queue Logic and the communications betwen various peripherials of NetQ System.
Designed with a friendly user interface, the controller software consists of:

  1. Login Page
  2. Status Page
  3. Settings Page
  4. Reports Page

LoginLogin Page
for the purpose of security to prevent unauthorised entry to the system.

With a 4 level security feature for different users, the system ensures that only designated users are allowed perform their designated tasks.

StatusStatus Page is an informative page that allows users to have live information on the status of the queue situation.

Information such as, pending queue (current unserved queue), maxWT(maximum waiting time), provides the summarised situation to assist managers in manpower planning.

SettingsSettings Page
allows users to change the settings of the system.

  • Service Settings
  • Counter Settings
  • Dispenser Settings
  • User Settings
  • Team Settings
  • Import Appointment List
  • Display Settings

ReportsReports Page
allows users to access to 11 basic reports module for basic performance assistance.

  • Audit Trail Report
  • Service Report
  • Summary Service Report
  • Waiting Time Report
  • Service Time Report
  • Productivity Report
  • Queue Ticket Report
  • Feedback Report
  • Staff Report
  • Hourly Waiting Report
  • Hourly Service Report