Intelli-Touch Keypad

Being the most commonly used item in a queue system, the Intelli-Touch Network keypad not only had to withstand harsh usage conditions yet it must also be robust enough to perform as long lasting as possible.key

Understanding with experience, our developer had came up with the NetQ Intelli-Touch Keypad (ITK) where it not only looks awesome externally but also a soft touch technology that requires only a sense of finger tips by the user as compared to the conventional hard pressing type keypad.

NetQ ITK allow service staff to perform the function such as call queue, save call, recall, memory call, transfer call, change service, etc. Utilizing the Network, NetQ only requires to be connected to the LAN and upon successful IP address acquiring; it is ready to operate without complication


Weighing only 350g, the light weight ITK gives the user plenty of mobility and storage easiness when not in use. Most importantly, the Intelli-touch technology requires only a light “Move-over” action on the buttons releasing the operator from finger pressure over a whole day of queue calling.

Key 16 button Intelli-Touch Sensor Keypad
Network LAN & Wifi enabled
Dimension 105 x 160 x 45mm  (W x D x H)
Weight  250gm

NetQ WebKeypad

wkeyNetQ Webkeypad is a browser based keypad that is used to call Queue. With its comprehensive features, NetQ Webkeypad is divided into 3 panes. Left Pane, Center Pane and Right Pane. Left pane is the control pane that allows users to call Queue, Recall Queue, Save Queue, Transfer Queue, Discard Queue and also with the feature of silent call Q. Center Pane is the information pane where by it will show the users the current waiting queue and information, saved queue and information and discard queue and information. On the right pane is the communications pane where the users can view their own performance indicator and also view for users to view the overall information of the queue status. There is also a public chat feature whereby all the keypad users can communicate with each other via the public chat and keep themselves updated on the situation.

Designed and developed to operate on the different browsers, NetQ Webkeypad has been proven to operate with various popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and android default browser)

NetQ webkeypad has different settings whereby the administrators can allow the users to set the service settings, priority settings, alert sound settings on their webkeypad. The administrator may also set the settings to allow users to only call Queue.