NetQ Main Display allows users to display their queue information on a LCD/LED display monitor or TV together with other information such as in house advertisement, posters and scrolling text or live TV feed.

Discarding the use of Dot Matrix and 7 segment display panel, NetQ Display adopted a fully MultiMedia format combining the display of Queue number with a massive range of content choices ranging from TV program to in-house video and scrolling text.

With a wide choice of LCD panel sizes to choose from the industry; customer is no longer restricted to a standard rigid display panel by individual supplier. With the combining use of MultiMedia panel, the customer will be able to showcase both Queue and media information in one panel saving costing in a long run.

For NetQ Main Display, there are 2 types of Controllers depending on the requirements and budget of the customer.  There are 2 types of Display controller for NetQ System: QDis Controller and QSign Controller.

QDis Controller for NetQ Main Display

QDis is an informative and dynamic software that allows users to display inhouse advertisements in the form of videos, pictures and running text. Advertisements can also be easily removed from the display when it is not required.

With user customizable display template, NetQ Software enables the user to self define its display area at any time with the flexibility on the content choice. Except for Queue parameters, all media information can be edited easily from the display controller.


QDis is Windows based display controller that is able to incorporate live TV channels, Videos and Pictures.



Network LAN & Wifi enabled
Dimension 120 x 110 x 60mm (W x D x H)
Weight  0.8 Kgs


QSign Controller for NetQ Main Display

QSign is a fixed template design display controller that can display Queue Numbers, Pictures and Videos. Users will be able to upload video and pictures, create playlist and schedule the contents to be played at the date and time that they require. There are few templates to for Qsign to choose from or we will be able to design a template that suits your requirements.






Network LAN & Wifi enabled
Dimension 160 x 105 x 35 (W x D x H)
Weight  500gm