4 industries that can benefit most from VMS
4 industries that can benefit most from VMS

Banking and Finance

Having a visitor management system helps to simplify the sign-in process and also shorten the waiting time of guests where hosts are notified through email or text notifications upon the arrival of their guest. The VMS also acts as the first line of defence to safeguard confidential information and prevent potential security breaches by restricting unauthorised access to sensitive areas. Furthermore, the VMS can be used as a screening tool during the current COVID-19 global pandemic by obtaining information on the visitor's current state of heath and putting in place safety precautions in the event of a safety breach.


Healthcare establishments such as hospitals and clinics is probably one of the busiest areas and require good management control to deal with sensitive situations. Despite healthcare organisations having numerous security measures in place, it can be difficult to track all their visitors. Having a visitor management system allows for centralised and secure data storage of visitor information and also easier verification of visitors and streamlining the visitor check-in process. Furthermore, to protect staff and patients during the COVID-19 global pandemic, a VMS can be used to screen individuals who have recently traveled or showing symptoms. This allows the hospital staff to take proper precautionary measures to minimise the potential spread of the virus.


The hospitality industry places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and providing visitors a pleasant experience and ensuring optimum security is their utmost priority. The steady flow of guests may result in the front desk of hotels becoming a busy place and can become very disorganised if improperly managed. The lobby area facilitates the movement of visitors and monitors the security of the premises, and the implementation of a robust visitor management system can help with both actions. Having a hotel VMS allow guests to self-check-in which streamlines the process for both the visitor and reception, thus creating a better user experience. For restaurants, they can eliminate long queues by installing a self-check-in kiosk, which in turn allows their staff to focus on attending to customers. Most importantly, during the current COVID-19 global pandemic, having a VMS can assist businesses with visitor screening and contact tracing.


The manufacturing sector requires high level of security controls for monitoring the entire facility, starting from the manufacturing plant, warehouse and quality control sections. Having a visitor management system can fulfill these criteria, preventing any unauthorised entry in restricted areas and ensuring complete security throughout the facility. In addition, a digital VMS allows for easy staff and visitor tracking, especially during night shifts when the reception is unattended.