5 Best Visitor Management Practices
5 Best Visitor Management Practices

Establish visitor management policies

Great policies should be set in place and that proper training to be given to your employees so that everyone knows what to do in different situations. Your policy should state responsibilities for personal that are authorised to be given name tags which acknowledge that the visitors are authorised. The policy should also state clearly the check-in and check-out process for the different type of visitor's agenda, different timing and different check-in location, stating the access points that they will be granted upon visit. While in the case of Singapore, unsure that your policies abide by the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) policy.

Integrate an online appointment booking system to your visitor registration system

Having an appointment booking system integrated allow a smooth flow of visitors by preventing a holdup in the check-in process where the receptionist have to call to the employer who is in charge before allowing your visitors to enter. Imagine a VIP guest that took up more than half the appointment timing just for him to enter the building. Having an appointment system integrating SMS and email notifications when the guest has arrived will keep both parties informed to prevent confusion.

Integrating a face-recognition to your visitor registration system

Imagine your visitors entering the check-in kiosk and being granted access as soon after the system have authenticated them via face-recognition. The level of good impression and security would be at the tip-top as visitors would feel that your company is up-to-date with the cutting-edge technology.

Print photo badges for visitors

Security is utmost value in any company. It is important to print photo badges for visitors as firstly it helps staff to confirm the visitor's identity. Security personal would also have an easier time identifying between visitors and trespassers. Visitor badges would show their name, which company they come from and their face and contact number as well If needed.

Generating automated reports

In today's society, data is invaluable. Knowing how many visitors have visited to your company, and what time and for what agenda is key into improving your corporation productivity. One of the many reasons would be ensuring that there will be good follow ups and customer service for each key visitor. Another would be to spot trends and potential issues that may arise. It also reduces the administrative work as a good visitor registration system (VRS) will have all these reports generated automatically and pre-set in advance.