Thermal Q Ticket Dispenser
Thermal Q Ticket Dispenser

NetQ Queue Management System consist of a few key components in the entire setup. The client facing part will be the Queue Display TV/monitor and the Ticket Dispenser. Both play an important role in giving prospective client an impression of the dynamism of the organisation. Let us take a look at Arrowlogic ticket dispenser today. Arrowlogic has 2 major types of ticket dispensers to choose from. They are our 8" Integrated Touchscreen Thermal Dispenser and our Kiosk type dispenser. Let us look at the difference and how they work.

In a situation when demand outstrips supply for a product or services, queues are formed to exercise human traffic control and reduce conflict.

8" Integrated Touchscreen Thermal Dispenser

Our 8'' Touchscreen Dispenser (TSD8000) is customisable to different client requirements. You can design the service selection page to be in line with your corporate image.

They are also able to handle services sub-menu and provide of additional services e.g. allowing clients to request for SMS reminders or to fill in details. An added-on function is that our TSD8000 allows clients to even fill in a travel declaration form on it before issuing a queue number. This saves a lot of time for organisations.


Aesthetically, it is attractive with its clean lines and integrated ticket dispenser. This will sit well with any modern interior design easily. It is also a perfect fit for installation with space constraint due to its small size. Furthermore, as it is Wifi-enabled, it can be having either a wired or a wireless configuration.

Lastly, there is an alert whenever the paper roll runs out to remind users to refill it so that operations will not be compromised. Paper rolls for TSD8000 are readily available in the market.

Kiosk Type Ticket Dispenser

Kiosk type ticket dispenser is fully customisable from hardware to software. You can either customised from scratch or select from a wide range of readily available stands.

Full Height Kiosk

The performance for kiosk is much higher as it runs on #NetQ Qdisplay. You can design its functions and physical casing specifically to meet your needs. There is no limitation to the number of service buttons as long as the screen allows too.

A kiosk is usually around 1.5m, width and depth vary according to your requirements thus the size will definitely be bigger than TSD8000. As for the size of the monitor we will recommend it to be ranging from 15" to 22", which allows multiple service selections at sight and it is design to cater to larger traffic demand and semi outdoor environment. It is more impressive when it is placed at a lobby or at an entrance of a building.

Our Kiosk is designed with clean modern lines, it will blend in most office environment.

Depending on your budget and requirements, the above different types of ticket dispenser can meet most, if not all your requirements.

If it is the first impression that counts, the Kiosk will be an ideal selection and if space is a constraint, the TSD8000 will meet your space requirements.

Both are equally aesthetically appealing and match well with today's modern minimalistic layout.

If you have any enquiry on a #Queue #Management System, Drop us a mail at [email protected] and we can propose the best solution that fits your requirements.