How a Visitor Registration System can boost value to your business
How a Visitor Registration System can boost value to your business

Professional First Impression

Showing your visitors with innovation provides them with an uplifting experience. An automated system self-check in VMS shows that your business is modern and up-to-date. Our digital system can also be branded with the right colors, your company logos together with the right message that you want to deliver to your customers


Collecting information from whoever entering in and out of your company is vital for security purposes. First is simply it shows a record of all the check-ins and out of all visitors and time-stamped. This helps as an investigation tool when a crime issues occur. Next, when there is any emergency such as when a fire occurs, a visitor registration system (VRS) can easily track who is left in the building to take into account and not leaving out anyone within the building itself.

Real time data tracking and collection

Have you ever look though your visitors log sheet? I can bet a few things. One is that either you could not read the handwriting of a visitor details or there would be some missing or inaccurate details of your visitors. This is a true sad fact in which actually a visitor log sheet contains valuable data that we look passed it. On top of that, the traditional paper method is simply a waste of paper and harmful for the environment. With a good visitor registration system (VRS), we are able to go paperless and also integrate all these data to your company CRM.

Reduce Operational and administrative cost

Which comes to my last point. Our visitor registration system (VRS) is able to integrate all your visitor's data and integrate it into your company CRM automatedly. As such, this reduces administrative efforts and on top of that it enhances your company security without hiring an additional security guard or receptionist.