Signs your visitor management system needs an upgrade
Signs your visitor management system needs an upgrade

Long Wait Time

When your visitor arrives at your office, making a good first impression is key. Your reception area should look professional and there should be a smooth sign-in procedure. It is a common sight that visitors are left waiting at the reception for long periods of time which negatively impacts their experience at the company and leads them to form a bad first impression. The delays subsequently result in disrupted schedules and time wasted in the process. With a good visitor management system, a visitor check-in app can instantly notify a host that his/her visitor has arrived through an email or text message. Also, emails or text notifications will be sent to visitors in the event of any schedule changes to keep them well-informed before and during their visit.

Confused Visitors

Do you ever get visitors combing through office rooms looking for their designated location and eventually finding it while commenting that they had a hard time locating the place? If this happens all too often, it is probably time to revisit your visitor management procedures. One crucial aspect of a good visitor management system is to ensure that your guests know where to go and this can be easily achieved by providing them as many details upfront upon arriving at your office. A notification with details of the meeting room can be sent to guests prior to arrival and clear visible signages should be installed to ensure visitors have no problems locating their designated room.

Misplaced Visitor Badges

One of the more common problems at offices include lost visitor badges. On the surface, it may not appear to be a significant problem and the lost badges can be replaced easily. However, missing visitor badges may be indicative of gaps in your visitor management system. The most common cause of misplaced visitor badges is the lack of proper sign-out procedure. Visitors simply leave the office from the nearest exit and these badges most often end up in trash bins. As such, it is important to implement a sign-out process for all visitors to tackle this issue. Having such a system helps increase the security of your facility and reduce expenses for the company.

Security Breaches

Have you seen random visitors walking into different departments or accidentally entering restricted areas in the office? This may not seem like a huge issue but companies with sensitive information may have significant security problems if such occurrence is frequent. The best solution to bridge this security gap by implementing a good visitor management system whereby visitors are given restricted access to certain rooms through scanning of a QR code.